Can BV Cause Bumps

Finding bumps on your inner labia, especially after you’ve had sexual contact with a new partner, can be disconcerting for sure. However, are bumps a symptom of BV? Can BV cause bumps? Bumps are notoriously misdiagnosed so you may want to consult a doctor if you get this type of symptom in your genitalia region.

While general redness, swelling, and especially itching are all common symptoms of BV, bumps are not. However, remember that BV can often accompany other ailments occurring in the genitalia region. Plus, one could make an argument that BV could potentially cause “bumps” since it does on rare occasions cause a rash. However, if you discover bumps in this private region, they are far more likely to be caused by something other than BV. The following are some well-known examples of what causes bumps in your private parts.

Bumps are a very common symptom of herpes. These herpes bumps will usually scab over. Sometimes they will start out as softer blisters and then turn hard with time.

Bumps are also a common symptom of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), also known as genital warts. These warty bumps can appear not only on the inner labia but inside the vagina, including deep inside all the way to the cervix. They can also appear on the anus and the perineum.

Syphilis is another sexually transmitted disease (STD) can be accompanied by bumps. Usually, in this case, the bumps are moist and sometimes appear in the groin area. In the case of syphilis, bumps may be filled with pus and appear leaky.

There are also other conditions that can cause bumps in the genital area in females. Scabies is one example, being caused by a type of tiny mite called Sarcoptes scabei. As the mites bite the skin in your private region, they can cause a skin rash with tiny pimple-like bumps. They itch like crazy but can easily get infected if scratched. Molluscum contagiosum is another condition that can cause tiny bumps in the genital area but are not always confined to this region. Although they can be spread by shared bedding or shared clothing, they are often mistaken for a sexually transmitted disease. They can also be mistaken for BV or candida infections because they cause some of the same symptoms.

Another possibility if you have bumps in your genitalia region is Fordyce’s spots, sometimes called Fordyce granules. These happen to be 100% harmless and very common. In fact, over 70% of women are supposed to have them. Often times, however, they can be very difficult to see. You have to stretch the labial skin out to see them and even then they are subtle. In some cases though, they become more prominent. In these cases, these harmless bumps can freak people out, even though they are not due to an infection of any kind and are really only a problem only from a perception point of view as your sexual partner may be suspicious of them. However, they are basically just an enlargement of the sebaceous glands. They also commonly appear on the shaft of the penis and on the lips.

In conclusion, BV is usually not associated with bumps but it may take a doctor’s examination to determine what is causing them.

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Author: Shannon Baxter

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